Compilation Engagement Intake Form (with Year End Checklist)

“Thank you for requesting our income tax service for small business in Canada (🇨🇦). Please complete the form below to provide us the information needed to assist you.”

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– Alice Cretelli, CPA
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For home office, auto expenses and shareholder loans, please check off the items that apply to your business. Our accountant will follow up with you for details.

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Note: For business owners, please click link here to learn about CPA’s the new standard for Compilation Engagements, Canadian Standard on Related Services (CSRS) 4200, Compilation Engagements, that is effective for compiled financial information with periods ending on or after December 14, 2021.

Next step – Our accountant will send you an engagement letter to be signed electronically (as well as an email with instruction within 24-48 business hours).*

* Please check all boxes above to acknowledge you understand the next step and aware of the new CSRA 4200 compilation engagement requirements. Thank You!