Professional Insight: Why income tax returns & financial statements are important documents for small business owners when applying for mortgage or business loans in Canada?

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Filing Income Tax Returns (Corporate or Personal) are more than just paying tax to the taxman. In Canada, small business owners are not only obligated to file annual income tax returns to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), they also need to ensure their returns are presentable to their bankers if they want to obtain a mortgage / business loan towards a major purchase, either commercially & personally.

Lack of understanding & overlooking the bank’s requirements will likely disqualify the applicants from getting a loan.

The banker will also likely request the applicants to provide them a set of Financial Statements that are prepared professionally by their accountants (i.e. ) to verify their business income.

Taking action to correct or modify the tax returns & financial reports after banker’s rejection is not effective. It doesn’t give the applicants enough time to put a solution in place. If the changes are unreasonable, we can also expect an auditor to pay the taxpayers a visit or just get more reasons to disqualify the loan application.

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