Tax Season👑Stress Relief Formula™

To have a little fun to get to know the key ingredients of our stress relief formula, let’s check out our formula in short-form.

Tax Season👑Stress Relief Formula™ = [-(😱+ 📝 + ⚠️)] = [(🕑 + 💤 + ☀️ + 💰 ) x 😁] = 👑

You may also want to look at the long-form of the formula to decode the underlying meaning.

⚠️ If this formula has too much symbols and wording that cause you headache and unknowable pain, you are advised to stop reading immediately and contact us for assistance.

Here is the long-form of the formula:

Tax Season👑Stress Relief Formula™ =

{(Greatservice) – [(Less😱stress)+(Less📝paperwork)+(Less⚠️errors)]} = [(More🕑time)+(More💤sleep)+(More☀️energy)+(Save💰money)] x (More😁happiness) =  (Royal-feel👑Tax Season treatment)

Hope you enjoy this emoji explanation with a little laugh! Wish you have a great successful tax season. 🙂

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