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Welcome to WESTVANCPA! Let us take away your tax & accounting work so that you can free up your time and focus on things that you love.

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⭐️Our Tax & Accounting service plan is SIMPLE, TRANSPARENT & VALUE-BASED. No surprise charge & fit your budget.

⭐️No job too big or small. We have clients who are landlords earning rental income, retired seniors earning pension & investment income, business owners requiring bookkeeping & tax services, and students claiming qualified GST tax refund while accumulating their RRSP contribution room & education credits for future tax deductions, etc. Book an appointment with us & discuss how we can assist you.

⭐️Personalize service for each client. 👪👷‍♀️👦👧👨🤸💃👩‍🍳

⭐️More than counting beans. Our accounting services will assist business owners to generate reliable & valuable financial information that will not only useful for business decision (i.e. profit or loss), fulfill tax report requirements (i.e. T1, T2, GST & Payroll, etc), and qualify for small bank loan application, with financial statements that are prepared and signed by Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). For more information, contact us or read our professional insight article to learn about how your business tax returns will impact your loan/mortgage opportunities🏡💰.

⭐️We understand the number crunching stress that you experienced during the tax season; and the good news is, you are not alone. Our services are designed to relieve this seasonal roaster coaster symptom with our lighthearted special Tax Season👑Stress Relief Formula.

To learn about our standard packages & pricing, click links below.

We offer the following tax & accounting services:

Income Tax Preparation
Packages 👑

Pricing from
  • Per Return
  • Student / Individual
    Solo / Freelancer
  • Consultant
    Small Business Owner
  • ✿ ✿
  • Packages include:
  • ✿ E-FILE tax return
  • ✿ Spreadsheet
  • provided to track your expenses (if applicable), &
  • ✿ much more
Small Business Accounting Packages 👑

Pricing from
  • Per Month
  • Cloud-based online
  • tax & accounting solution
  • for small business owners
  • ✿ ✿
  • Packages include:
  • ✿ monthly bookkeeping,
  • ✿ monthly financial statements,
  • ✿ annual T1/T2 tax return,
  • ✿ GST/PST Returns,
  • payroll reports filing & other government reports

Tax Strategies Seminar 👑

Pricing from
  • ✿ Space is limited.
  • ✿ Register today.
  • (Everyone Welcome)
會計&稅務服務 👑

Pricing from
  • ✿ Multi-Cultural
  • ✿ Bilingual Service (English, Cantonese & Mandarin)